Start Booking ASAP

I Look forward to seeing you all
this year. Need to keep numbers up
to keep getting Hotel deal

The dates for reunion are
Friday 11th-Sunday13th MAY 2018
The cost is same as 2017.
Book your rooms as early as possible.
you can always cancel before Friday
11th with no charge.
Do not forget to inform us when you
have booked your room.
It would be good to have an idea of
how many are coming as early as
possible, so if you intend coming let
us know so I can add you to list for
others to see.

For full details contact
Hank or Geoff

Intending to join us.

Julie Easter                                                    Booked Table 2
Norman and Rosina Donaldson 1951-52    Booked Table 2
John Strudley 1954-57                                  Booked Table 2
Ray and Pauline Lambert 1954-57             Booked Table 2
Terry and Judy Davis 1955-57 410              Booked Table 2 
Yanto and Son Nolan 1956-58                     Booked Table 2
Ron and Chris Carter 1957-59                    Booked Table 7
Dave and Pam Brunning 1958-60                Booked Table 1
Brian and (Vera) Gibbens 1958-60             Booked Table 3
John Flynn 1959-61                                       Booked Table 4
Dave and Diana Middleton 1959-62  Sat     Booked Table 3
Keith Tapp 1959-62 SW R A                        Booked Table 5
Pete and Cheryl Keddie 1959-62                  Booked Table 1
Tony and Denise Catherall 1959-62 Frid    Booked
Frank Sowerby 1959-62 SW BS                   Booked Table 4
Keith and Elaine Denby 1959-62                 Booked Table 4
Alan Campbell 1960-63                                 Booked Table 3
Fred Beharrell 1960-63 SW G A                  Booked Table 3
Brian and Ann Marshall 1960-63                Booked Table 4

Geoff and Jeanette Lambourne 1961-64     Booked Table 1 
Billy Stuart 1961-64 SW FS                          Booked Table 4
Jimmy and Sylvia Farrell 1961-64               Booked Table 4
Kenny and Janet Williams 1961-64             Booked Table 4
Harry Daker 1962-65                                    Booked Table 3
Hank Lawrence 1962-65 SW KC                 Booked Table 1
K C Holder 1962-65 SW HL                         Booked Table 1
Bob Crowford 1964-67 SW P S                    Booked Table 8 
Doug and Sue Hamilton-Cox 1965-68         Booked Table 8
Harry and Babs Brittain 1965-68                 Booked Table 8
Bob and Gwen Capper 1965-68 son Darren Booked Table 7
Bob Holme  1966-68                                       Booked Table 8
Dave Hudson 65-68 SW IF                            Booked Table 7
Ian Foote 1966-68 SW DH                             Booked Table 6
Andrew Heatlie 1967-69 SW S S                   Booked Table 6
Roger Andrews 1967-69 SW K T                  Booked Table 5
Dusty and Brenda Millar 1967-68                Booked Table 6
Graham Avery 1968-69 SW F B                   Booked Table 5
Snowy Sowden 1968-70 SW A H                  Booked Table 6
Barry and Judy Smith 1968-70                     Booked Table 6
Melvyn and Janet Wood 1968-70                    Booked Table 5
Alan and Avis Hollyoak 1968-70                     Local Table 5
Paul Strobridge 1968-70 SW B C                     Booked Table 8
Charlie and Sheila Feehan  1969-70                 Booked Table 6


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